BREXIT: For Working Brits in France

SmartSteps recruits bilingual personnel including English mother tongues, many from the UK, for international companies.

As Brits and EU citizens Freedom of Movement (“FOM”) allows us to move to another EU country to live; work as an employee or self-employed; run a business; and also provide services cross-border and to mutual recognition of our professional qualifications.

Many of our candidates are English mother tongue and it is with a very heavy heart that we must talk Brexit and its implications for candidates.

From speaking to people, reading the press and going to Embassy information meetings absolutely no one can predict the Brexit outcome! We’ve all heard the sound bites “nothing is agreed until it’s all agreed”, “Brexit means Brexit”, …. However, the threat of “no deal” grows and in this worst case scenario, the UK could crash out on the 29 March 2019 leaving us all in limbo!

There are absolutely no details about what will happen to us if the UK crashes out of the EU. However, prior to 26/03/1995 and the implementation of FOM to get a “Carte de Séjour” we had to have an employment contract. It sounds simple but, to get an employment contract you need an address, to get an address you need an employment contract (in France)! Rather like needing experience to get a job, but a job to get experience!

Latest news is on this site

04/10/18 The Minister of EU Affairs, Nathalie Loiseau, presented yesterday in the Council of Ministers a bill to prepare the hypothesis of the absence of agreement between the EU and London on Brexit, to ward off many legal gaps. The bill will be presented to Parliament in early November and empower the executive to legislate.

“The bill lists the areas on which we will prepare orders,” she added. “Firstly, the situation of the French residents of the UK returning to France (…), we must ensure that in the event of absence of agreement on March 30, 2019, the British living in France will not find themselves brutally in an irregular situation“.

28/8/18 Edouard Philippe has instructed the government to make contingency plans for no deal Brexit which includes measures facilitating the stay of British citizens currently living in France.

The information below will hopefully allow you all to see more clearly and plan for the future!

Applying for a Carte de Séjour

As European Citizens we presently do not need a Carte de Séjour. However, RIFT, France’s Ministry of Interior and the UK Embassy are all urging British nationals to get a Carte de Séjour as soon as possible. Below are some sites offering more information:

Applying for French nationality is a group on Facebook. There are many members and everyone tries to assist everyone, no matter your personal situation.

RIFT is a Facebook group and they have a website too:

RIFT raises awareness of the potential effects of Brexit on UK citizens living in the EU & campaigns for the preservation of all our current rights. They inform members of the current state of the negotiations on citizens’ rights & regularly publish updates and commentaries. RIFT is pro-Europe and against Brexit & continues the fight for UK to remain in the EU. RIFT is a forum where members can support each other through their community.

Eligibility to vote in the European elections May 2019


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