BREXIT: For Working Brits in France

SmartSteps recruits bilingual personnel including English mother tongues, many from the UK, for international companies. Many of our candidates are British so we must discuss Brexit and its implications.

As Brits and EU citizens, Freedom of Movement (“FOM”) allows you to live in another EU country; work as an employee or be self-employed; run a business; and also provide services cross-border and there is also mutual recognition of professional qualifications. Brexit spells the end of FOM!


  • The new leave date is 31st October 2019 and Boris Johnson has set the stage for a no deal Brexit. 
  • Once Britain leaves, with or without a deal, France will introduce a new system of residence cards.
  • Edouard Philippe has promised all UK citizens living and working in France that even if there is no deal, Brits will have 1 year to regularise their situation. You will have six months to apply for a residence card, the remaining six months is for the relevant authorities to process applications. Deadline: 31st October 2020.
  • Stay in touch via the Living in France Guide found on
  • There are no firm details about what will happen to Brits in France post-Brexit but prior to 26/03/1995 and FOM to obtain a “Carte de Séjour” you had to have an employment contract and accommodation.
  • The British Embassy in Paris will be holding an event in Paris on 16 September from 6.30PM to 8.00PM for UK nationals in the area to update you on Brexit and to answer your questions. The event will begin with a brief introduction and then the floor will open for questions. You must book your place, it’s on EventBrite.

Below are links to sites providing some clarity:

“Applying for French nationality” is a Facebook group. Members share experiences, no matter their personal situations.

RIFT  raises awareness of the potential effects of Brexit on UK citizens living in the EU & campaigns for the preservation of all current rights. RIFT is pro-Europe, against Brexit and is a forum where members support each other through their community.


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