Want to work in Paris?

Brexit is very sadly catching up with us! If you are thinking of moving to Paris for work, you will hopefully find this article full of practical information!

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What do clients seek in an Assistant?

As many of you already know SmartSteps often recruits bilingual assistants for our international clients. Over time candidate’s profiles have changed and I am hearing from candidates and clients that the job itself has evolved. So what is the situation today? Read more

Citations, careers and office life!

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there! 

Try to take control of your career. Don’t let circumstances sweep you in a direction that has not been thought through. Read more

Skills shortages

With an unemployment rate of 9.6%, we cannot speak of a shortage of workers but more so a shortage of skilled workers! This article is addressed to HRBP operating in France. It is intended to be general.

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The art of improving your resume!

The CV is a reflection of your professional life … and that says a lot about you! It is a key element to win an interview. So here are some tips and tricks to achieve an effective resume.

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