The art of improving your resume!

Your CV is a reflection of your professional life … it says a lot about you! It is a key element to obtaining an interview. Below are some tips to achieve an effective resume.

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Learning for Life

Never has there been a better moment or indeed has it been more vital to recognise our professional short comings. The future is coming, be change ready! Read more

Citations, careers and office life!

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there! Try to take control of your career. Don’t let circumstances sweep you in a direction that has not been thought through. Read more


Covid & SmartSteps

SmartSteps is working remotely for the foreseeable future. The good health of all is a priority!

– interviews will be by telephone or video (Teams).

– general documentation can be exchanged electronically. 

– technical tests are done remotely, written tests have been adapted so you can do them from your home,

Many of our clients are working remotely in the collective effort to stop Coronavirus. Most are doing preliminary interviews remotely and reserve face-to-face interviews for the final stages.

Coronavirus won’t last forever. Recruitments will be delayed, not cancelled. Please keep sending us your CV’s.

We wish you all good health during this extraordinary period and hope that business gets back to normal as soon as possible.


Telephone interview tips!

Telephone interviews are traditionally used for roles requiring lots of phone work: sales, tech support, market research roles, … the Covid-19 pandemic has made them more popular for all preliminary interviews. They are quick and easy ways of ironing out tangible impediments and avoiding the loss of time for both parties. Even if the exchange doesn’t lead to next stage interview, if appreciated, interviewers may ask to keep your CV and contact you when another opportunity arises. Recruiters are the most aware of the company recruitment pipeline. Please read this article in conjunction with Professional Video Calls.

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