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BREXIT For working Brits in France

SmartSteps regularly recruits bilingual personnel including English mother tongues, many British, for international companies in France (“FR”). Here we discuss Brexit and the implications.
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Learning for Life

Lifelong Learning

The phase lifelong learning (“LLL”) was apparently coined in 1993 by a couple of US academics. It recognizes that learning is not confined uniquely to the classroom and it refers to voluntary on-going, self motivating pursuit of knowledge for professional or personal reasons.

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Telephone interview tips!

Telephone interviews are traditionally used for roles requiring lots of phone work: sales, tech support, market research roles, … the Covid-19 pandemic has made them more popular for all preliminary interviews. They are quick and easy ways of ironing out tangible impediments and avoiding the loss of time for both parties. Even if the exchange doesn’t lead to next stage interview, if appreciated, interviewers may ask to keep your CV and contact you when another opportunity arises. Recruiters are the most aware of the company recruitment pipeline. Please read this article in conjunction with Professional Video Calls.

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Professional Video Calls (tips)

Covid-19 has brought so many changes to our professional lives. Even those that could work from home invariably didn’t maximise this way of working. Video calls were the solution to distance issues, today they are the solution to Covid-19 and likely here to stay!

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Working from home – the new norm!

The French government introduced a new “remote working” law in January 2018 meaning workers had the right to telework and if an employer refused, they had to justify their decision. This law was all about coercing employers into more flexible working practices. But old habits die hard and not much changed. No one could foresee workplace progress would be imposed by a lightening quick sanitary crisis, catching everyone by surprise! Fast forward and working from home for many of us is the new norm!

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